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 Product DetailsEmma's Yucky Brother - Jean Little

As 4-year-old Max makes the transition to his adoptive home, older sister Emma experiences mixed emotions when he doesn't accept her as an instant sibling and they both go through a period of adjustment.   Ages 5-10.

  Product Details  Families are Different - Nina Pelligrini

Six-year-old Nico is the younger of two girls adopted as babies from Korea.  She happily tells the reader about herself, her family and friends before focusing on her experiences and feelings about looking different from her parents who both have "blue eyes and wavy hair."  After talking to her mother, who tells her there are different kinds of families "who are glued together with a special kind of glue called love," Nico identifies 9 different family patterns and concludes that she is "just like everyone else...I'm different!"  Ages 4-8.

  Product Details Kids Like Me in ChinaYing Ying Fry with Amy Klatzin

Ying Ying, an 8-year-old adoptee, gives us a unique view of orphanage life when she visits the orphanage where she spent her first months of life.  A wonderful resource for families to talk about adoption, birthparents, orphanage life and those children left behind.  Ages 8-12.

  Product Details Lucy's Family Tree - Karen Halvorsen Schreck

Faced with a family tree assignment, Lucy, adopted in Mexico as a baby, initially rejects the project, thinking her family is "too different."  The story follows Lucy's process as she realizes there are few "traditional" families and comes up with a tree that honors her family story and cultural heritage.  An endnote has alternative assignments inclusive of family diversity.  

Ages 8-12.

   Product DetailsThe Day We Met You - Phoebe Koehler

Illustrated in soft pastel drawings, this is a good introduction to adoption for the very youngest children.  Using simple language, it tells about the excitement of two parents as they prepare to bring home their new baby, gathering the things that are needed to keep the baby safe, fed, dry and warm.  An afterward by Lois Melina provides information about additional details to be added to a family's story as a child's ability to understand adoption grows.  Ages 2-5.

  Product Details  The Family Book - Todd Parr

Using bright colors and simple, playful illustrations, Todd Parr celebrates the differences among families as well as how all families are alike.  Adopted, step, single parent, two moms and two dads, as well as traditional families large and small are all represented.  Positively conveys the message that "there are lots of different ways to be a family.  Ages 2-7.

  Product Details  Three Names of Me - Mary Cummings

Told from the perspective of a young internationally adopted girl and incorporating aspects of her current day-to-day life and relationships with her parents, Ada expresses thoughts and considers questions about her adoption through where and how she was given each of her names: by her adoptive parents, by the orphanage nannies and her original name, "whispered to me by my first mother, when I was born.  It's someplace in my heart."   Ages 8-11.

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