Coalition of Adoptive Families - Fall 2016 series

07 Sep 2016 8:28 AM | Molly Connelly (Administrator)

Fall Series
Growing Up Adopted From Childhood to the Teens

All Discussion Groups meet from 7:00 – 9:00pm at 1550 Old Henderson Rd Suite N162, Columbus OH, 43220

This year COFAF discussion groups will be presented in teams of adoption specialists and adult adoptees.
A suggested donation of $5.00 per person is requested.

9/15/16 “The Seven Core Issues of Adoption and Why They Matter

The seven core issues of adoption: loss, rejection, guilt/shame, grief, identity, intimacy, and control permeate all aspects of a child’s development from attachment and trust to self- concept and identity. Learn to identify the underlying drivers of your child’s behavior and how they connect to their adoption story. Presenters: Betsy Smalley and Marni Hall

10/20/16 Teenage Years

“Adoption’s Core Issues on Steroids: The

The core issues of adoption intensify, as your child becomes a teenager and grapples with identity formation, as well as feelings of loss. Issues of trust, relationships with friends, and dating are that much more complex; depression/anxiety that much more

common. Learn what to look for and what can help.
Presenters: Paula Andree and Angela 


11/17/16 “Tackling the Core Issues: A Mini-Fair of Adoption Services”

Understanding what may be driving your child and teen’s behavior may be job one but figuring out what to do is equally important. Come to a mini-fair of adoption services and learn what are some of the available programs in our community including: neuro-feedback, educational therapists, in-home therapy, camps, and more!

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