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03 Mar 2015 10:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What Parents Need to Know: Teen Stress

Eleventh grade felt like the 7th circle of Hell, a place so sinister and drained of joy that I despaired of my kids or I ever emerging from it. Although frankly, I may have felt their teen stress more acutely than they did, I worried about my boys. They are young, and while I had learned coping mechanisms for stress, they were still finding their way.

What parents need to know about teen stress: 10 ideas to help your child manage stress during the high school and college years.

Soon I came to see that my job was two-fold. As one of the two people who loved them most in this world, I wanted to help ease them through this period with little things I could do to help. But far more importantly, I needed to show them what I had learned about coping with stress in the years since I walked in their shoes. Research shows the teens feel even more stress than their parents so it is crucial that teaching them to cope is a major part of parenting adolescents.

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